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It is a common misconception that you need a 12-volt car battery or a booster pack for crash data retrieval.  When repowering a vehicles airbag control module you only need a source of 12-volts DC sufficient to power up a few circuits; not enough to attempt to start a car.  If you are flying to the crash data retrieval location or simply have to cover a lot of ground at the salvage yard, the CDR Power Pack is the way to go.  The power pack uses 8 AA batteries (not included) to supply a source of 12-volts DC. It supplies enough power for both the CDR repowering rig and the CDR Interface Module at the same time.  Batteries can last for up to 50+ downloads*. It is not recommended to use rechargeable batteries as 8 rechargeable AA batteries only produce 9.6 volts.

DO NOT use the power pack as a source of power for the Gray ACM Adapter (F00K108387).

*25 tests conducted with PCM/PCM adaptor, 25 tests conducted with Toyota ACM (approx. 9 minutes for imaging)

MSRP: $20.00

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